Bicycle Artist Playing Cards

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Without great paintings, would we appreciate the landscape? Without great literature, could we show empathy? Without great magicians could we make others dream? A world lacking artists lacks beauty. A world lacking artists lacks shape and color.

Staying up all night to create a piece of art made from the gears of reality.
Breathing in experience- and breathing out art.
Protesting against the status quo by giving life to dull shapes.
After all, what an artist really is?
Is the one that uses his art as an expression of freedom? Or the one who is able of bending things that others view as a straight line?
With every moment of expression, an artist lives out loud; and most of the times he motivates others to do so as well.
Maybe he?s the one who puts all the words hidden in his soul into a beautiful painting shapeless, invisible words that set our hearts on fire.
Original custom illustrated art, produced by Prestige Playing Card Co., and printed by the United States Playing Card Company.
- The cards are poker size and of the usual Bicycle quality.


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