Bicycle Color Collection - Set of 9 Decks

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A fine maxi-transparent box with 9 Bicycle decks in 9 different colors. Inside we have added our latest yellow deck and the following brand new exclusive colors: violet, borwn and grey.  This new collection was created by our company, to enrich our collection of colored Bicycle decks creating a perfect gift box for card enthusiasts.
Bicycle Color Collection is a world exclusive by Vincenzo Di Fatta and a ?must have? selection!.
? The environmentally friendly maxi-transparent PET box, measures cm 25 (9,84") x 32,5 (12,8") x 2,3 (0,9").
? It contains 9 Bicycle decks in the following colors: Brown, Yellow, Gray, Orange, Green, Fuchsia, Black, Purple, Turquoise. Each deck is enriched with special cards that allow fantastic magical effects (video instructions available online).