Bicycle - Frozen Playing Cards

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Bicycle Frozen Playing Cards make it possible that breathtaking scenery being frozen on your fingertips.

When we are immersed in bewitchingly beautiful scenes what would we say ?I would say i am willing to do anything to freeze this moment. We want to hold every wonderful moment forever though all happy days will come to an end. The Bicycle Frozen Playing Cards make it possible to freeze the breathtaking scenery on your fingertips. The moments you get crazy for the cards and each of your new learning gorgeous actions can be frozen with it - Bicycle Frozen Playing Cards.
The card back utilizes classic bicycle rider patterns. The faces of pips and courts cards are composed of classic patterns and gradient colors. Frozen patterns feature the theme.
It is noteworthy that blue whale and iceberg are adopted as the design elements this time and are showed on the tuck and ACE of Spades. Our natural environment and residential areas have been worse and worse over the past few years as a result of the greenhouse effect and global warming. We are willing to take this chance to appeal for more attentions that can be paid to environmental protection and natural ecology to make this world a better place.
Blue is the predominant color in the design. The uniform color scheme will bring you surprise and brighten your eyes.
- Best combination of cool design and flawless color scheme.
- Casino stock and Air-Cushion Finish.
- Print by USPCC.
- Limited edition ONLY 2500 available.
- Created by Magic Square.
- The cards are poker size.

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