Bicycle - Ghost Legacy Edition Playing Cards

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Loose lips at Ellusionist HQ caused a buzz in the playing card industry, when the legend of a 4th Legacy series deck was created. The rumours are true.
Carrying the same legacy seal of approval as it?s peers, this stand-alone  to the series is the famous Ghost.
The tuck is soft, with whispers of embossing surrounding the edges as the time-honored Bicycle logo sits firmly on the front.
The deck has been stripped of color, until only beauty remains. Completely re-designed, re-worked and re-vamped to remain true to the magicians and collectors of today.
The powerful ace of spades displays two fossilized snakes, a reminder of it?s dominance back then and it?s relevance today.
The iconic back design was conceived by a double-inversion of the Bicycle Black Tiger designs. Shifting the color into it?s opposing spaces.
The result is a deck not clouded by it?s efforts, but instead so honest, it sends a chill down your spine.
The jokers are ethereal and enticing and the pips are muted. Creating a story between your hands that you can choose to tell.

Farbe: weiß / silberschwarz