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The strength of this Bicycle deck lies in its elegant simplicity!
The deck is marked!
Looking at the bicycle on the back of the cards, the front wheel will show  the value of the face of the card while the back wheel the suit. The front wheel has 12 spokes: looking at them as if they were the hands of a clock, the 12 o'clock spoke indicates a Q. Following clockwise, the second spoke indicates an ace, the third a two, and so on. The spoke that is thicker than the others, will indicate the value of the card in question. If there are no thick spokes  the card, by exclusion will be a K.
The rear wheel spokes, starting from the 12 o'clock position, show the  suits in the following order: clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds. Also in this case, the spoke that is thicker than the others, will indicate the suit of the card in question.
- Printed with USPCC.
- Fully Marked for Suit and Value.
- Long Lasting Air-cushion finish.
- Minimal every-day use design.
- Standard Faces + NEW Bicycle Ace of Spades.
- Duplicate Queen of Hearts in Every Deck.
- Secret Reveal on back of Duplicate Queen.
- The cards are poker size and of the usual Bicycle quality.


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