Bicycle Tattoo Deck

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The Tattoo deck is an original design created by graphics designer and magician Stephen Rooks and expertly printed onto Bicycle Card stock by the United States Playing Card Company.  This deck has the Magic finish.

Each deck has a flap reveal of the 5 of clubs.

Delivered with a Gaff Card (4/6 of Clubs Split Card Half & Half) and a QR code card..

The Bicycle Tattoo Deck represent a totally new look for a Bicycle Deck, incorporating beautiful tattoo styled imagery and 6 colour print. With a brand new, eye catching back design? new Ace Of Spades, new Jokers, new case and bonus cards. All cards feature a black background with the Clubs being printed in Blue, Diamonds in Green, Spades in Pink and Hearts in Yellow.

All in all this is a very stylish & individual deck.

Farbe: pinkgelb - goldblaurotschwarz