Debbie Millman Playing Cards

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?Play me, bluff me, beat me, tease me, but please oh please, let me win.?

These limited edition playing cards designed by Debbie Millman exhibit the poetic beauty of her bold and experimental hand-set typography.

Taking on every card as an empty canvas, Debbie Millman created 54 intimate works of art. Collectively, they?re a masterpiece that speaks to our personal longing for beauty, honesty and playfulness.

The initial concept of this deck of playing cards was born years ago when Debbie saw an architect?s design for a deck of playing cards. She loved the idea, and had dreamed of creating one of her own ever since. When we presented her with the opportunity to realize her dream, she in turn helped us realize our own dream of someday working with her.

Produced exclusively for HOW Design Live in Boston, Massachusetts. This is our first official set of playing cards and they are very limited.

Each deck of playing cards come packaged inside a Magicpak?, a magical case for the cards that animates open and closed. Magicpak? was exclusively designed for DeckStarter and we are proud to debut it with Debbie Millman?s deck.

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