Dedalo Alpha Playing Cards

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Designed by the italian designer Giovanni Meroni. 
Greetings traveller, welcome to the Island. I was waiting for you. My name is Oracle, and I have great stories to tell.
The island of the Taurus. The city of the Owl. A great war...
The Emissary God knows everything. He?s the protector of the travellers. He will may protect you as well?
The God of the Sea is angry. He expected a sacrifice from the Taurus King. His curse will be Love. And the Problem will arise.
The Goddess of Love is behind everything. She?s playing a game, and she does not care. She caused the Problem, and she will solve it.
The Taurus King is furious. His Queen is unfaithful, his firstborn died. And he has a huge Problem he can?t solve.
The Taurus Queen is in love. But she can?t have what she want. The King of the Labyrinth has an idea.
The Problem is a Monster who needs blood. Is not his fault. He born that way. Half man, half beast - A huge curse for everyone.
The Princess with the Red Thread is the Solution. She?s in love with the man who?ll kill her brother. She will trade his life with betrayal.
? The cards are poker size.
? 55 cards (including an extra jack of spades).
? Stardust Paper on the tuck box. Embossing. classic finish. Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.
? Dedalo?s theme is the Labyrinth. Inspired by greek mythology, it tells the story of Ariadne, Theseus, Minotaur, Minos and, of course, Dedalo.