GRID 2.0 Deck - Bicycle mit Bee Cardstock

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Bicycle grid 2.0 Playing Cards Glows Under Ultraviolet Light

Consisting   of 56 cards, this deck is manufactured by the USPCC® with their world   famous Bicycle® Brand.  This deck is printed on Bee® Casino grade paper   stock. With it's incredible durability and snap, this stock is known as   the the premium card stock trusted by cardists and poker players around   the world.


  • - UV (Black light) Ink with Hidden Designs
  • - BICYCLE Branding 
  • - BEE Premium Casino Paper Stock 
  • - Custom White USPCC Seal
  • - Magic Finish 
  • - 2 Gaff Cards 
  • - Custom Face, Courts and Jokers 
  • - Multiple Hidden UV Reveals
  • - QR Code Reveal
  • - Barcode Reveal


Along   with our Ultraviolet Inked back design, we have a very unique, never   done before design element. At first glance you see the standard faces   we have designed for the Grid 2.0, but upon placing a UV light over the   card you will see the decks most unique secret feature...a secondary   design. This secondary design illuminates the face of the cards and   shows you just how deep the world of the Grid can go. With this element   we have even gone deeper!.....

Farbe: blauweiß / silber