Isometric No 2. Playing Cards

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Isometric Playing Cards are a modern deck of playing cards designed for cardistry, while retaining the classic elements of a deck of cards. 

The deck exudes style and boldness. Its geometric features are designed to emphasise every cut, fan and display that you make.

 The colours on the Isometric No.2s make the deck pop in your hands. The new two toned colour scheme creates a bold contrast between the red and gold. Simply holding the deck is guaranteed to turn heads.

The distinct geometric design of all Isometric Playing Cards gives the deck a great visual weight. What does this mean? Your displays and fans will appear larger and have more impact than with a regular deck of cards. 
The two red blades on the backs of Isometric No.2s give the deck a bigger presence when used in spinning moves, allowing cardists to draw attention to the motions effectively.

The classic design of the Isometric Playing Card box is retained in No.2. The red and gold make the tuck box look more elegant and regal in the hands. 

Isometric No.2s feature a whole new face design. Everything from the pips to the court cards are completely redesigned. The new courts have a clean minimal design with embedded geometric shapes that accentuate movement.
The new pips are based off the isometric geometric design. The arrangement of the pips have a subtle shape to them that makes spinning moves look that much better.

For years cardists have been trying to make improvements to playing cards in order to get the best out of their decks. The Isometric No.2 Corner Design is the answer. 

By creating a two toned shape which only encompasses the pip corners, the design makes fans, spreads and shapes with the deck look incredible, all while staying out of your way and giving you the ability to have standard card faces. 

The stock feels exactly like the quality paper stock cardists need. It pours right out of the box like silk and has the right springy feeling to it.

Isometric Playing Cards No.2 will not sit collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere. This is a deck you will want to use at every occasion.



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