Knowledge Playing Cards Rare Ltd Edition

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Introducing Knowledge playing cards, the ultra-rare modern classic.
Ultra-black imported Italian Fedrigoni paper. An intensely deep black satin-smooth FSC certified tuck paper. The first of it's kind on any tuck box, with a strong resistance to light. This allows for the hot-stamped gold foil to pop with an intensity never before seen on a tuck box.
From Fedrigoni; "The innovative composition of the alpha cellulose pulp without carbon black dyes prevents oxidation when hot foil processes are used, and also helps reduce scuff-ability. This paper is neutral pH to ensure longevity."
Knowledge features Classic Finish card stock with hot-stamped gold foil card backs, an extremely difficult process which requires many steps to be executed correctly.
The classic faces of Knowledge were designed by Peter Gurney of London in his Verdye deck, c.1910 and re-mastered by our in-house artists for a modern print run.
? The cards are poker size.
? Limited to 1,000 decks printed.

Farbe: schwarzgelb - gold