Limited Edition Dominion V2 Deck by Handlordz, LLC

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The sequel to one of the greatest decks of all time - De'vo's PRO XCM Dominion deck.  Dominion V1 continues to sell on ebay IF you can find them for between $85 - $100 EACH!  Signed copies can go for even more.  Dominion V1 also won Fanning Deck of the Year from United Cardists and other awards. Even celebrities such as Akon own a deck of Dominions.  

We completely redesigned the faces so they will provide more contrast with the backs, and provide better recognition for poker, card magic, flourishing and XCM.  The faces have the same amazing twin tip mirror back design, but with pip priority and a fanning back secondary.  This means that you can get 4 different fans without cover cards.  You can even use your index finger to cover the corner pip and make blank fans without cover cards!  There are however 2 cover cards included and a Passion/Dominion double backer that will add endless possibilities to your art.  We also have included better color recognition by coloring the inside poker chip pips with the same color as the indices.  Court cards get their own specific crowns making this deck able to play card games such as poker with ease.  This is essentially a deck of cards you can play cards with, do magic with, flourish, and do a complete XCM act giving you 4 distinct fanning patterns like a fanning deck, but without having to worry about mixing up the cards!  

The stock and finish is simply amazing!  These cards handle like a dream!  The bold colors will show everyone how different and unique you are, while the genius design concepts will enhance your movements and give them a visual demonstration that they have never seen before! This deck has it ALL! and is one of the most collectable decks of previous years.  DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!  

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