Lost Deer Jungle Edition by Eriksson and Bocopo

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he design of the Lost Deer Playing Cards originated from a nightmare of the designer Eriksson. At that time, he was at a low point in his life. He was immersed in pain and hard to extricate himself all day. After a night of drunkenness, he fell into a nightmare.

In the dream, he lost his way in a misty woods filled with disappointment and was unable to escape. When he desperately wanted to give up, a roe deer appeared. The high antler was like a flag of pride and led him to step out of the terrible dream.

When Eriksson woke up, he translated this dream into his creative inspiration, so Lost Deer Playing Cards were born.

The new version of the Lost Deer selected the burning sun-like orange yellow, with bright and full colors and pure white background.It adds tropical jungle-like enthusiasm in the fantasy-like mystical atmosphere.

As long as you close your eyes and take a deep breath, your thoughts will instantly be brought into a tropical jungle bathed in the sun, where elk walking and around with vines. Even can hear the screaming from insects and birds.

Chinese and Western Combination

The graceful and mysterious design of the Lost Deer Playing Cards is difficult to see from the picture. Perhaps there has never been a deck of playing cards that combines the feeling of fantasy with the modern style so naturally.

In the large area of the cards, the most popular Low-Poly element in the Western world has been used and the image of a deer is outlined only by lines. It is depicted in a simple and clear manner in the Western style.   However, in the painting, it chooses the most traditional elements of the ink painting in the East and that kind of color makes the lost deer more smart and mysterious.

The two completely different elements come from two different lands, but they are soft and gentle in this deck of playing cards, which complement each other and perfectly integrate the reality and the dream, the West and the East.

With a fully dreamy feeling on the card box, and the elk-shaped mosaic of the deer is even more mysterious and stunning. If you stitch two card boxes together, you can reproduce a complete picture.

The back of the card is the vortex formed after the distortion of the antlers. With the gradual change of colors, people are as if living in the mysterious dream.

The pattern inside and outside in the cardistry shows a unique beauty so that you are unable to reject it:The brand-new orange yellow color is warm , looks like you were playing with an amazing flame when holding it in your hand , both of which form two rings after opening, greatly enriching the sense of layers.

The card face of the Lost Deer Playing Cards has not been designed in the tradition style but 100% redesigned instead. It not only owns the font polished more suitable for the overall style, but also has the orange triangles at the two corners of the board which are even more unique. They can be exposed exactly when they are opened, with more complete and rich circles which are formed at the outermost and most central areas.

The design of the Lost Deer takes every detail into consideration and even the color chosen is the warm Orange in the cards, highlighting the mystery of the illusion.

The Lost Deer is Limited to 1800 decks. No REPRINTS. Lost deer satisfies all requirements for quality: printed by USPCC, Classic Stock selected, and air-cushion finish, all of which will make you feel the beauty and texture of life.

If you are tired of stereotyped simplicity, if you are already tired of the visual fatigue of the practice cards, let the Lost Deer Playing Cards take you out of this slough!

- The fusion and collision of Chinese and Western cultural elements.
- Mystery inspiration.
- 100% redesigned.
- Rare purple.
- Two decks can be combined into a complete dream.
- 54 cards + billboard.
- Printed by USPCC.
- Classic Stock.
- Air-cushion finish.

- The cards are poker size.