Rainbow Illusion Metallic Playing Cards V2

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This deck is similar in design to a standard deck of cards but with some custom variations that give it a cool and colorful design. This is a four color pips deck, but I still tried to keep it traditional by having two colored suits black and white. This is a Special Kickstarter only deck, only 1,000 decks will be printed.  

So what is different with version 2?  

Rainbow Illusion version 2 features a different design on the card back and all new court card artwork. The colors are similar but much lighter the tuck box is going to be inverted so that most of the box is a metallic rainbow foil look with just the circle design in the corner on black. It is the same material as the first deck and similar to the Alloy Playing Cards from Gamblers. The aces have been updated and only the jokers remain the same and the placement of the pips.