Skateboard Playing Cards

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Fusing skate culture and magic culture, a story told through the cards. Premium quality for cardists, magicians and card collectors.
"I?m Kevin Yu, a magician from Toronto, Canada. This deck was designed by Dario Genuardi and myself with more than ONE year in the making. We are deeply in love with skateboarding and art. As a young magician who loves performing and spreading love, this skateboard deck is the quintessence of my life?s goal. We?ve put every possible detail of the deck into consideration and the outcome is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and art.
My intentions of creating this deck is to spread the positivity and inspiration I?ve been lucky to receive from meeting new people in all areas of life but especially my friends in the skateboarding community and their beliefs of never surrendering to adversity and maintaining a positive outlook on life. I hope for anyone that receives this deck they?ll be inspired to go against the rushed, exhausting lifestyle many adopt today and live a happy, relaxing life to do what they?re passionate about and what they love.
Our vision is for it to suit the use of everyone: from professional Magicians to Cardists to someone who has an appreciation for art. In order to accomplish our goals, we?ve changed our designs of the back 20 times to reach perfection. Tiny designs that pay homage to skate culture and pop culture can be seen throughout the back of the cards with the screwdrivers and skulls that many skateboarders love.
As a magician & Cardist I strongly believe that other than the design, quality & handling are the most important things for a deck. The Skateboard Playing Card is printed on the Finest quality card stock the United States Playing Card Company has to offer. The legendary Air Cushion Finish is also added to provide the smoothest experience of spreads, fans, and shuffles.
Our court cards are based on people we?ve met in real life. Their stories and their philosophies deeply influenced us and we wanted to share it with you guys. We?ve taken their individualities and incorporated into the design of the court cards. We?ve spent a lot of time personalizing the court cards in order to make them more humanized and realistic.
The Ace of Spades design is made up of half of the top and bottom of a skateboard. "Eat, Sleep, Skate" is the slogan of many skaters and the ultimate spirit of skateboarding.
The joker features a classic skater look embodying a laid back attitude that many people know and love. We want to create a unique joker that?s an icon to the skate culture to spread our message of being care free and happy.
The box of the deck is designed to be as visually attractive as any art piece. The vibrant colors hints at the messages we want to spread. It perfectly exhibits the theme of the Skateboard Deck."
- The cards are poker size.


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