Street Art Bicycle

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Bicycle Come To Chew Street Art Playing Cards were created by Aleix Gordo. Aleix?s inspiration was bubble gum. Aleix has let people into his bubble gum world for the past several years. His bubble gum art has appeared on iphone cases, shirts, posters, book covers, etc?.

This bubble gum/street art themed deck is completely customized by Aleix. To start with, the clubs & spades are colored in a cotton candy blue, while the hearts & diamonds are done in bubble gum pink. The back design, court cards, jokers, some of the card faces and aces, are all adorned with a bubble gum creature. The pips themselves also have a street art look, that gives you the impression of fresh graffiti on a wall, with dripping spray paint and all. But what I really love about this deck is the ace of spades. It features the bubble gum creature riding a bicycle inside the ace of spades. Simply amazing!!!

Farbe: pink

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