The Question Playing Cards - 2 Decks Set

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Mystery. Suspense. Challenge. Individual Expression. Way of Life.

Started as a challenge to design a deck of cards to elevate the effect of every single piece of card magic performed with it. We want a playing cards design that projects the sense of mystery, suspense and thrill.

We drew our inspiration from literatures, artworks, philosophy and life lessons, the result is here: Question deck, a deck of cards is that is conceptually evocative and stimulating.

The Question deck, a wakeup call that urges you to start thinking and a constant reminder of your life values.

  • Printed by USPCC on Aristocrat Paper Stock with Q1 Quality Control
  • Available in Black and Reddish Brown
  • Only 2350 decks for each color
  • Each deck comes with a free Question Mark Envelop