Vintage Deck StraitJacket by Ellusionist

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Our new Vintage Deck StraitJacket protects your deck FROM ITSELF. This crazy accessory, a tribute to the escape artists who push the limits of ability, features canvas sleeves, aged leather and tarnished brass. In our own brainstorming sessions with these deck straightjackets (which look like something out of the 1920's), some of the basic routines we've come up with include; ? Numerous Invisible Deck Routines ? Signed Card Appears inside the box in the jacket ? Spectators chosen Card is the only card that escaped the jacket ? Incredible Rising Card Routine ? Card for Card Transposition ('Metamorphosis') ? Triumph (or Reverse-Triumph) Routine However the potential for routines with this device is limitless. The Vintage Deck Jacket is not just a great looking accessory. It's a myriad of routines and conversation piece in stylish packaging. Try to restrain yourself... Pick one up today.