Vintage Plaid - Arizona Red by Dan and Dave

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Vintage Plaids have become a staple in every card man's collection, and has been highly sought after since we sold out years ago. Inspired by our camping trips as children, each deck pays homage to the great outdoors. While the original Vintage Plaids hold a special place in our hearts, new updated design of the deck takes the cake. They are something to behold!
Each deck features a brand new embossed box complete with gold-lettering, and in addition, all around back-design printing within. Not only has the box been recreated, but a step further has been made and new Ace of Spades and two Jokers have been created. If this was not enough, a new font has been used that adds on a further element of elegance to this very refined deck.
Masterfully printed by the United States Playing Cards Company on trademark "Thin Stock."
- The cards are poker size.