Viper Fan Back Tally-Ho by Ellusionist

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Ellusionist's Tally-Ho Viper decks of custom playing cards are unique for a very special reason: Never before in history has the phrase "tally-ho" appeared next to the word "viper."


According to hours of meticulous research (and by "hours of meticulous research," we mean "30 seconds of reading Wikipedia." Those two phrases are pretty much interchangeable), "tally-ho" has been associated with fox hunts, World War II battle cries, military terminology, Australian cigarette papers, hunks of debris in space and square dancing. It has never once been used in association with vipers, snakes, forked-tongue slithering devils or COBRA leader Serpentor.


Further enhancing our cred: A Google search of the terms "tally-ho" and "viper" reveal nothing but pages and pages of search results pointing to these cards.


So pick up a deck or twelve of Vipers today. When you open up a deck, the rich, lexicographic history will waft in your nostrils like Mom's brownies, and leave a butter-like residue on your fingers. You will be as much a part of vocabulary history as "D'oh," "truthiness," "tweeting," "mouse potato" and "ollie."


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