WINGS Marked Playing Cards Bridge Size

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A marked deck of cards with the marking hidden in plain sight - easy for the magician to read, yet completely invisible to the uninitiated spectator. Marking system included with each deck and so easy that you'll be performing in minutes. Easy enough for a beginner to use, but the perfect professional performance tool, as well.

Limited run of 288 decks, each deck has been added with either a small leaf, a small twig, or just some dirt as a playful way of making the box feel like a bird's nest ;)

? Printed with Parksons Cartamundi
? Fully Marked for Suit and Value
? Custom Brick Box
? Includes 2 Custom Jokers
? Unique curvy white border as compared to the standard straight border
? Bridge sized

Farbe: weiß / silberschwarz

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