v2 LUXX® Playing Cards: Shadow Edition GOLD

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We're proud to announce the second edition LUXX are just around the corner. The shadow theme for the second edition means we've gone with a darker feel, coupled with lovely metallic inks. 

  • The tuck is made of the same thick stock you loved from v1. A shimmering black foil twinned by a beautiful gold and silver accent foil makes this packaging look and feel unique, the inner is laminated for a unique look and feel. 
  • The card backs feature the same intricate design from Randy we all loved, but based in tones of grey and black with silver and gold metallic inks. The shading creates a very cool effect when spread and fanned. 
  • The courts and pips are the same cool design from v1 - traditional with a twist. The four colour suits have been replaced with metallic red and golds. 
  • As per v1, the shadow edition extra cards are one joker and a poker hand rankings guide - we want this deck to be used and for you to enjoy playing card games with. A deck to bring a wow-factor to your home poker game!