Bee Miracle Deck BLUE by Magic8

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The deck is specially designed for China's biggest magic association. Magic 8 is the most credible domestic platform of magic culture and art industry. With over 20,000 Chinese members, Penny, the founder of Magic 8, comes from the team of well-known magician Lu Chen.Blue Miracle bee is a limited version.

The Bee Miracle Deck is a Bee-branded deck made by U.S. Playing Card Co. It was printed with a SMOOTH finish (similar to Aladdin 1001) instead of Bee's standard Cambric finish.
The Quality Bee is similar in design to standard Bee decks, but with these differences:
- The cards have USPC's "Stinger" back, which is faded along the edges. The backs are light blue; it's the only color that was made of Miracle Deck.
- The court cards have different colors (incorporating the light blue found on the card backs) and no black border. Each deck has 56 total cards
- The standard 52 poker-size cards, 2 jokers and two gaff cards. The gaffs an ace of hearts and 3 of clubs with transposed pips.


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