Frostbite Playing Cards

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Frostbite pair a chill geometric abstract back design with custom minimalist faces, simple and elegant. This deck is perfect for any cardist or card magician, for cardistry and magic!
The blue and white colorway features triangular shapes and a simplified compass rose design on the back. On the front, you'll find striped pips and geometric court cards.
The cards used are German Koehler playing card stock coated with a special finish. They are standard cut to maximize performance. 
Under strict quality control, these cards will be a durable addition to your collection.
The back design features a frosty blue and arctic white colorway, geometric shards, and a minimal compass rose in the center to highlight spinning and twirling motions. The complex back design and minimalist faces create a vibrant contrast for flourishing. The abstract design enhances cardistry performances by accentuating the flowing and contorting movements that make up cardistry. 
The Aces are simple and sleek. These minimalist Aces retain the simplistic nature of the cards and put a new twist on the traditional Ace design.
The Royals are geometrically inspired and polished, continuing the minimalist theme among the faces.
The Jokers are not really jokers at all. One card features the word "create" to inspire you. The second features a company logo and year of production.


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